Clothing transport

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Born in the clothing transport sector, Intermode Espress S.r.l. stands today as a claimed logistic partner for the fashion industry.

Intermode Espress S.r.l. can provide clothing companies with a complete and integrated service starting from the collection of the goods from the supplier, warehouse management, quality control and preparing of the shipment, to the widespread distribution at shops and department stores of hanging garments, boxes and accessories.

Qualified employees and a large fleet fully equipped for the transport of hanging garments, boxes and accessories guarantee all this through an efficient distribution network in Italy and Europe.

Our organization will follow the shipments with delivery constraints, from collection to delivery and coordination of storage, redelivery or return to sender, providing constant information through an efficient customer service.

The client can also access our tracking system that allows the checking of their shipments.

Company specialized in the carriage and distribution of clothing, in this field for over 25 years with 17 stores in italy and a widespread network in europe through the best european partners.